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Body Contouring with Liposuction

LiposuctionLiposuction surgery usually improves contours. In some instances it may be used in a circumferential fashion, thinning an area. The final results of liposuction will take several months after the surgery because the healing process is gradual.

Liposuction surgery may be considered to treat areas of excess fat in the stomach, buttocks, hips, love handles, saddlebags, thighs, calves, ankles, breasts (male breast -gynecomastia), back, arms and neck. Liposuction is equally effective in both men and women.

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

If you have areas of fat deposits that are out of proportion with the rest of your body and do not go away with diet and exercise and with minimal amounts of excess skin and good skin elasticity may indicate that you are a good candidate for liposuction surgery.

How Liposuction Surgery is Performed

There are several types of liposuctions, however the basic technique of liposuction involves the removal of fat via a hollow metal tube (cannula) that is passed through the fatty tissue. One of the most common types of liposuction involves the aspiration of fat by attaching a pump that generates a vacuum. The decisions concerning the appropriate technique will best be accomplished by your plastic surgeon.

Preoperative Preparation
If you are a smoker, it is recommended to stop smoking well in advance of surgery since smoking can impair the healing process. Certain medications that increase the risk of bleeding such as Aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and some vitamins/homeopathic regimens should be discontinued before undergoing liposuction surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with additional preoperative instructions.

Liposuction surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis but if you are undergoing large volume of liposuction, it may be suggested that you be hospitalized for overnight observation.

Recovery from Liposuction Surgery
It is important to realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals.

The first few days after surgery, you should rest quietly. If you can elevate the body part, it is usually suggested that you do so. Remember, you must not take aspirin or certain anti-inflammatory medications.

You most likely will wear a garment to help reduce swelling  and  should continue wearing to help with the skin retraction for a smooth result.

During the first 48 hours following surgery, patients experience varying degrees of swelling and bruising.  Bruising typically disappears within seven to ten days.

How much will liposuction cost?
Cost is always a consideration in elective surgery. Prices for liposuction vary widely, and are often dependent on the surgeon’s experience and the geographical location.

The fees are often broken down into several components:

    Surgeon’s professional fee
    Facility fee
    Anesthesia fee
    Surgical garments
    Medical tests

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